For Sale Misc SBF Parts

Bought a bunch of miscellaneous stuff from a guy, don't have room in the garage to keep any of it. Prices are shipped +PayPal fees 5 wrist Pins .927" 2.500" $40 shipped OBO Image:

megasquirt stimulator

Does anyone have a stimulator they don't want or need? I'm wanting to purchase one and get it used to save a little cash. PM me with offers. Thanks

WTB Motor mounts

Want to trade or buy energy suspension or prothane motor mounts for a fox body. I have a set of used solids from UPR.

For Sale 1993 cobra black on black

1993 black on black mustang cobra svt. 74,000 miles. Interior looks close to new. The ashtray lid will not stay closed. There is a Ford Racing gauge cluster as well as a Hurst shifter. Bbk headers, air intake and full exaust. Other than that it is all stock and in excellent condition. Comes with...

3" LX tailpipes

Dose anyone else hate their 3" flowmaster LX tailpipes? I've screwed with mine for almost 4hrs now, still not quite right. I don't think I'd pay $5 for a set of these!

Oil on spark plug

Pretty disappointed right now. We bought a blueprint crate motor from Summit to swap into a 1990 ranger. We had a shop do the work for us but it was painfully long. So the crate motor sat for 9months before being run. Found out the shop didn't know what they are doing about setting up the harness...

dart based 347 and 363

anyone here with 347 or 363 pushing 500rwhp on pump gas? Just wondering if its possible and if so what it takes to get there.

Midnight Photo Shoot Practice

Now that the car is getting closer to be being finished I did a midnight photo shoot to practice some camera and lighting techniques to see what issues I'm going to have to photograph a black car at night in order to get good reflections. For being practice, and not having a good background to work...

For Sale BBK Ceramic Longtubes 79-93 5 Speed, Part 15160

BBK Ceramic coated longtubes for 79-93 5 speed. 1 5/8" primaries. Part number 15160 Excellent condition, never run. Storage and shelf wear only. $325 shipped UPS ground to lower 48 US address PM if interested. Thanks.

MAP Sensor..

Does anyone have the part number for the OEM GM 3 bar MAP sensor? I wanted to order it from Pro-M, but they are charging 22 bucks for shipping. I can get it from the parts store locally, just curious if anyone has the part number so I can get the correct one. I might just go pull one from a pick...

Core plugs popping out?

So I got my car running finally and popped 2 core plugs(shallow dish). So I installed 6 brand new deep dish ones today and popped 2 again tonight. They are flush and all the way in. I even tried RTV and nothing still. I've tried brass and steel. Anybody got any ideas whats going on? Edit:...

a/c questions

It's summer, and here in gets hot. About like North Texas and even into Oklahoma; hot and humid. I'm working on my '92 GT slowly. 9.5 windsor/T56-and it will be a driver with working a/c. It is currently in a disassembled state but engine is in the car and I'm planning the a/c...

Looking for some electrical help?

So my car doesnt want to run right at all. Its hard to start, and i have to pedal it to keep it running untill it settles down enough to idle. So i checked the codes with a cheap scanner and got dtc 66. I checked voltage at the maf connector amd i get 12.45 across the red and black, now the maf sig...


Just started posting here after lurking for a few years and bought some spindle spacers from 1961galxy. Just want to let everyone know he was great to buy from. Got the spacers in just a few days. Thanks Roy!

For Sale Dougs Ceramic Tri-Y Headers 351w 1966-1970 Ford/Mercury

Dougs Ceramic Tri-Y Headers 351w 1966-1970 Ford/Mercury. Like new, have a few scratches from shipping.1966-1970 Ford/Mercury 351w 1-3/4'' to 2-1/8'' Tube Diameter 3'' Collector SAP Port Shape Tri-Y Design. $450 shipped. Missing a gasket.. see pics. Fit: 1966-1970 Fairlane 1967-1970...